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Make the Difference today by building the HIA GreenSmart Way.

What can the consumer expect from a GreenSmart builder?
Accredited GreenSmart Professionals will focus on three key elements to make a difference~ energy efficiency, waste management and preventing pollution from your site during building.

What are GreenSmart Professionals?
GreenSmart Professionals are: schooled in environmental building skills; national accredited; and committed to the GreenSmart Code of Practice.

How a GreenSmart Professional can make a difference?
Ideally it takes many GreenSmart Professionals, working as a team, to make that difference for you: the land consultant designs the subdivision to best use the natural features; the designer continues the good work by designing your home to be energy efficient for that land; and the builder is now in a position to build your home and manage the site environmentally. Any one, or all of these GreenSmart Professionals can make a profound difference to the livability of your home and the economy of running it.

The difference GreenSmart Professionals make to energy efficiency
A home designed around energy efficiency principles will:

  • Need minimum heating and cooling;
  • Naturally cool in summer and warm in winter;
  • Allow you to enjoy the best of natural ventilation;
  • Have lower running costs;
  • And reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

The difference GreenSmart Professionals make to waste minimisation
Waste minimisation in the building process will:

  • Reduce landfill and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserve valuable resources by recycling
  • Reduce costs
  • Make a cleaner safer site
  • And make a cleaner world.

The difference GreenSmart Professionals make to soil and sediment pollution minimisation

Preventing the loss of soil and sediment and litter from the site will:

  • Protect our waterways by controlling the escape of pollution from the site, especially during and after rain
  • Demonstrate a tangible commitment to a cleaner environment

The benefits to you, the consumer:
The benefits of building the GreenSmart way to you, the consumer, are that your home will be:

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Efficient
  • Quality assured
  • Cutting edge.

Feel good about making a contribution "MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY" by building the GreenSmart way.

Further Information see www.greensmart.com.au



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